No money for crucial services but we have money for this?

One would think that given California’s terrifying budget deficit, and the state’s overt theft of money from the cities to pay for its own blunders, that local law enforcement officials would be trying to focus their efforts on important things like violent crime.

However, San Diego seems to think that it can solve its budget problems by targeting home religious practices. The county is apparently claiming that a local couple who hold a regular bible study in their home are violating zoning laws and must pay tens of thousands of dollars to continue their practice. Now this might be at least justifiable if this was say, a small church that might actually be able to come up with such a sum of money. But, I think its obvious to just about everyone that its far more likely that they will either relocate, continue in secret, or stop meeting entirely.

Which raises the question, why is this being done at all?

To establish that land zoning is more important than religious freedom? Perhaps so that law enforcement agents can avoid discrimination charges while bringing the same charges to bare against gatherings of Muslims? Maybe, whoever made this decision is just a virulent atheist.

A far more likely outcome is that there will be a huge law suit over San Diego’s violation of these peoples freedom of religion. The trial could cost millions of tax payer dollars right in the middle of a budget crisis. But, I think we can all agree that was this was a thoroughly brainless move, proving that California really is the worst run state.


North Korea Tests a Nuclear Weapon

It appears the North Korea has just tested a functional nuclear weapon. While details on the event are still sparse, I suspect that this test will be followed by a lot of political hay but very little if any actual action. North Korea, remains a country solely within the Chinese sphere of influence and while no country could stop them without Chinese consent North Korea has little ability to act beyond its border without Chinese consent.