Sorry for being gone for so long

This keeps happening to me and I need to learn to cope better. I have a great idea for a post, but when I write it, its never as good as it was in my head. So I keep tearing it apart and trying again and then a new piece of news comes out and I have to update the whole thing… the endless cycle of me not finishing a post begins. Oh hey that was a massive run-on, I should start over. You get the idea. Anyway, I am sorry, I promise ill start posting regularly even if it kills me.

With that said the most interesting topics in the world today are the recent coup in Honduras, the fighting in Pakistan, and the continuing events in Iran. However, given that all of those posts are currently in post purgatory, today I am compelled to write about something else.

The Supreme Court ruling last week in favor of some Connecticut Firefighters could have a profound and positive impact on the future of race relations in the US. The Supreme Court said that a “strong basis in evidence” was needed for the results of a test to be tossed out on the basis of racism.

This is a more subtle change than the anti-affirmative-action crowd may have liked but a more gradual and nuanced turn is much less likely to be overturned and much more likely to be accepted in the long run. Without forbidding it outright, it raises the bar on what kind of behavior is an “acceptable” form of affirmative-action. Hopefully, one day leaving us with country where people are truly not judged by the color of their skin.

P.S. I almost deleted this post for being too much opinion and not enough reasoning but right now I’d rather post something than post something good.

P.P.S There is no a rumor floating around the internet that Michael Jackson faked his death. Shesh can’t we ever focus on important things?