Dress your pet up sci fi

This has been making the rounds on the interwebs:


I disagree with the title. I think this is actually the best dog costume ever. It makes me want to get a dog just to dress him up like that. Can you imagine sitting around at home with a little knee-high cardboard Starship Enterprise trotting around the place? I would never get anything done from laughing so much.



Today was already pretty rough. Just lots of little things piling up. I thought going to the gym might help me work out some frustration, but then when I got to my car – it had been hit!

I was so angry. The damage isn’t too terrible – the left part of the front bumper is hanging off – but it will definitely need to be taken to a shop and claims filed and all that stuff. I think what got me most is that there was no note, someone just hit my poor beloved Camry and took off, instead of manning up to it and taking responsibility like a decent grown adult human person. It angers me because it’s so much work for me to be a good person, and I’m getting pretty good at it and feeling all honest and upstanding. If I accidentally hit someone, I might be tempted to run off, but I wouldn’t actually do it. I would take responsibility and accept the consequences and be proud of myself for doing so. I feel like humanity owes it to me to return the return favor. What the hell, humanity?


The bright sunshiny part was that my roommate was so great about it, reminding me that it’s not such a big deal, insurance will take care of it, it’s happened to her before and she’s was okay. She’s right. It could be much worse. I went to the gym anyway and am feeling better now, even though no part of my stupid day has been solved. I guess that’s just life? I keep expecting things to be perfect and they aren’t.

I may just blow off my bed time and go for a walk downtown by the water. It’s a warm, clear night and the moon is so bright.