Russia Helping Nato in Afghanistan

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Message from the Past

I write this post to tell you that by the time you read this I will be at blizzcon!

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Next President of China

The Chinese government has moved an official into the position that has historically been the stepping stone to the highest office in China. While, I’ve never heard of him before, as one of the rising stars onto the new multipolar political world the next president of China will undoubtedly have a great deal of impact on our future. He has a reputation for being “tough on corruption and friendly toward business, even foreign businesses. ” which I believe to be promising for the economic future. However, he is not considered likely to be a reformist which only increases my suspicion that China is on a road towards civil war due to its economic liberalization without any significant political liberalization.

On a completely unrelated note, the Pentagon is anticipating an even larger leak of documents on Iraq after the major leak on Afghanistan to come any day now.

Russia and Venezuela Sign a nuclear deal

Somewhat surprising news, at least for me, Russia has decided to help Venezuela develop nuclear technology. On Venezuuela’s part this deal makes a lot of sense. They’ve scared away pretty much all the foreign investment and technical skills that most “western” firms have to offer by demonizing them and stealing their property. The only firms that can afford to risk their capital on a project like this one are the Russian ones that carry behind them a huge amount of state backing and financial support.

But I have to admit I am not sure what Russia gets out of it. I am certainly not a member of the “everything Russia does is evil” camp, but I am having trouble justifying this without thinking that Russia is actively trying to spread nuclear technology to America’s political rivals. I doubt that even the 1.6 billion dollars are worth the increased tension with the United States.

On the other-hand, this could actually be Russia’s way of preventing proliferation. If they can exert enough control over the technology transferred and the design of the plants, Russia may very well be able to prevent an otherwise independent attempt to develop nuclear tech on Venezuela’s part by giving them the ability to peacefully make their own nuclear power. It does seem that Russia has at least some ability to slow Iran’s nuclear weapons research through the plants they designed and fueled on Iran’s behalf.