More news

In New Mexico, the world’s first commercial spaceport is almost complete. While it is a bit to early to say for certain that this will be a success I have a high hopes for the economic and scientific benefits that may come from a renewed interest in space. Privately run space travel will likely lead to cheaper access to space. I also expect that private companies, once they start competing, will adapt more rapidly to new technologies and ideas.

Following up a little on my previous news post, it does appear that the globe has or at least did stop warming for the past decade. While the cause of this is hotly debated, and new computer models have been produced that can account for it I think that it is important that we’re at least aware of it.

The Obama administration is planning to withdraw more combat troops from Iraq, possibly bringing troop numbers down to about 3000. This brings the administration closer to its campaign promise of withdrawing from Iraq, though obviously it is too late to make their “within 18 months” timeline.

Ron Paul has written an article explaining his unusual position on FEMA. I think it is well worth a read, I’ll let you form your own conclusions.


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